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Door Damper / Barrier.
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•Reduce Road Noise •Reduce Exhaust •Harmonics Eliminate •Mechanical Noise Stop •Body Panel Vibration •Reduce Radiated & •Reflected Heat Stop •Audio System Vibration •Read More
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QuietRide Solutions is dedicated to making quality products to insulate your vehicle. All of our AcoutsiShield Thermal Acoustic Insulation Kits are Year, Make and Model specific for each vehicle and pre-cut, ready to install. Click on the images below to learn more.

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The Firewall Insulator is your first defense against engine noise and heat. QuietRide firewalls are Year, Make, and Model specific and are molded to fit the engine setback and firewall contours—they fit like a glove. More than 600 firewalls are available for antique, classic, custom and street rod cars and trucks.  Firewalls are listed in each of our catalogs.

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Early Ford I OEM I Street Rod and Custom

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Under Hood Cover Kits and Under Trunk Cover Kits are QuietRIDE's newest product for insulating your engine compartment and dressing up the under side of the hood of popular Ford, General Motors and MOPAR cars and trucks.  Smooth Under Hood Covers are available for car and truck restorations.  3-D molded Under Hood Covers feature vehicle brand names and logos in raised letters and graphics.  Every hood and trunk cover kit is pre-cut and ready to install and are Officially Licensed Products.

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QuietRIDE Solutions is pleased to announce that AcoustiTrunk Floor Mat covers and insulation kits are now in production for Ford, GM and MOPAR cars 1928 through 2014. AcoustiTrunk Floor Mats stop passenger cabin NVH. Most cars have little or no insulation in the rear trunk area of the vehicle which allows the noise, vibration and heat (NVH) from the trunk floor pan to enter the passenger cabin. Now you can stop the transfer of NVH and dress up the trunk area with Quiet Ride’s new AcoustiTrunk Floor Mat and Insulation Kits. AcoustiTrunk  products are potentially a new “canvas” for the creative imagination of the restorer, restomoder or custom car builder. Stock or custom 3-D images can be molded into the Ultra High Definition rubber floor mat material and is available in five variations to meet customer needs. All kits are year-make-model specific---pre-cut and ready to install.

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