1947-54 Chevrolet/GMC HVAC Glove Box

Air conditioning is great in these old trucks, but the HVAC equipment does take up most of the space under the dash, leaving you with a glove box door and no storage space for small items that you need to keep handy. Take back your dash storage space with QuietRide’s HVAC “Shorty” Glove Box.

Molded from tough ABS material, the “HVAC Glove Box” fits the dash frame like the original factory style cardboard box , but it is only 4-1/2 inches deep to get back some of that precious storage space. It is ready-to-install with mounting screws. Simply insert the box through the front dashboard opening and push it in place to fit against the back side of the dash. Line up the screw holes, and you are done! No need to remove hinges, the glove box door or the lock. (You will need a “shorty” Phillips screwdriver from your tool box!)

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